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We are always looking for new writers who have opinions on important issues. You don’t have to be a published writer, just someone who can express their views taking all angles in mind. If you meet these criteria, then send us an article based on the guidelines mentioned below and we will get back to you.

General Guidelines

  1. Articles should not be or contain rants against an individual or an organization or any political parties.
  2. Issues should be addressed taking care of all angles in mind
  3. Check grammar and spelling before submission
  4. Data and quotes must be cited with necessary links.
  5. Please share a short bio & an image if you are contacting us for the first time
  6. Your first article should be short. Ideally less than 1500 words
  7. Your first article should be original and not published anywhere else


  1. Please send the article as a word doc attachment
  2. Use a Times New Roman Font of Size 12


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