Let me be very forthright before you peruse the article. I am an eternal Harry Potter fan and I love the entire series by J.K. Rowling in perpetuity. So, this might reflect in my obsequious flattery of the book and the author throughout this article. In fact, I have to concede a lot of my writings and my constant inspiration to write have emerged from being engrossed in Harry Potter books. They have chiseled with certitude, my thoughts, my way of thinking & certainly my way of writing. Fiction, I find it very difficult to write, because it demands author to be submerged in his thoughts with utmost concentration, actually visualizing stuff before writing it. It greatly expands the horizons and contours of one’s thinking.

We all avid readers have definitely read Harry Potter books, they are like the alphabets of the English language for the readers who love to read fiction books. Harry Potter books can be classified into Kids genre but it is definitely worth a read for all adults too. The books are so inexplicably interconnected and interwoven that often some leads in books are left open only to be pursued in a mystified way in the subsequent book or for that matter in the later books. J.K. rowling, for me, is one of the most cogent authors I have ever come across. Her narration is simple and lucid and her art of writing exquisite novels like the much vaunted Harry Potter saga is a testament to this art of hers. While reading these books, I was in awe of the author and the way she described the story, making you believe that this is the reality happening somewhere in the outskirts of London and for those who reside in London and have read these books, you couldn’t just help wondering where is Platform 9 3/4 at the London railway station. In fact, the best part of her story-telling is the way she accentuates a fictitious story as a real one, almost making you riveted over the turn of events that speckle the books in such a marvelous manner. At times, the fictional nature of the book becomes conspicuous but it’s not only done to outwit your predictions but also to captivate you for the ensuing drama.

These seminal novels by J.K. Rowling had a profound effect on the future of Fictional writing industry and acted as a pioneer in the way fiction was depicted in the movies. harry Potter books were rightly converted into movies which only added to its soaring popularity. One could say they had a symbiotic relationship in advancing each others’ interests. The books made crowds throng the theaters, the movies enjoined people to read the subsequent books. Very rarely in the history of the Cinema and Literature has the interest of both the fields coincided and advanced for their mutual benefits. Even today, people who have watched these movies never like to give them a miss. Gluttons like me are all glued to our TVs, shirking our otherwise important work only to once again live in those times where the drama & mystery unraveled left us in astonishment & incredulity.

Jinit Jain

Author: Jinit Jain

The author is an Engineer turned MBA and works in an IT firm.